Mapping the Ride – Making a Left in Anchorage

Spent the last couple of weeks mapping my around-the-world ride which included Trip Tiks from AAA for the Nashville to Anchorage leg and Halifax to Nashville trek. Found a great online site which provides global distances, mapping and satellite images of the route.

Also, ordered detailed road maps from for South Korea, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, England and Ireland – the entire around-the-world road miles is about 14,500 miles. Nashville to Anchorage – 4300 miles. Vladivostok to Moscow – 6100 miles. Moscow to Berlin – 1200 miles. Berlin to Calais – 600 miles. Calais to Folkestone via EuroTunnel – 20 miles. Folkestone to Holyhead – 300 miles. Dublin to Shannon – 130 miles. Halifax to Nashville – 1800 miles. Oh!…toss in a couple of ferry trips to include a 24 hour trip from Donghae, South Korea to Vladivostok, Russia and a 2-hour trip from Holyhead, England to Dublin, Ireland.

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