Denali Panniers & GIVI Top Case

Denali Panniers & GIVI Top Case

Installed a pair of Denali aluminum panniers from Happy Trail in powder-coated black and premounted hardware – included the mounting rack system.  Installing the panniers was simple with the easy-to-follow instructions.  Selected the Clif-cut design making the overall profile 3″ narrower putting the load closer to the bike. Also, added the GIVI E52 Maxia Monokey top case using a universal mounting bracket and adding the luggage rack and extra led braking lights for added visibility.  The entire top case is easily removed from the bike – a great spot to lock away your helmet and other valuables during those stops!

If you would like to make a donation to give all kids diagnosed with cancer a better chance at living the full life they deserve, please visit Rally Foundation & Rally Around the World.

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