Kansas City, MO to Sioux Falls, SD – Day 3

Brian Sullivan & Patrick Madden

Kansas City, MO to Sioux Falls, SD (405 miles) Total Trip Miles – 1144

Weather – hot & humid with highs in the upper 90’s and no rain

Joined Brian “Sully” Sullivan and Patrick Madden this morning for their Monday morning ESPN Talk Radio Program on 1510AM in Kansas City…finally got the opportunity to truly see firsthand just how wacky & unbriddled Brian can be – are you kididng me?!  He was the same ol’ Brian we all have known for years – this visit only confirmed for me his unique talent of harnessing his audience. Thank you Brian & Patrick for allowing me to pitch Rally and the tremendous work these folks do.

As you might expect, the highlight of my day was visiting the kids and meeting Ema and her Mom was no exception.  Ema is a young woman diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma on her 16th birithday and as she put it sarcastically, “that was my 16th birthday present.”  I enjoyed hearing from Ema’s Mom on all  the challenges families face when a child is diagnosed with cancer.

I was also fortunate to chat briefly with a young man named Dustin who was having his first round of chemo after completing radiation therapy. It was in Dustin’s room I couldn’t help but notice that with each child I had visited these last fews days, there was one common element – a parent was always in the room and in most cases living alongside their child daily…suitcases, clothes and mostly the hopes & fears so visible in their eyes.  A special thanks to each of the families allowing me to briefly peek into their lives…these are the kinds of things that make a difference to me and only help to solidfy my resolve to expand awareness for these kids.

If you would like to make a donation to give all kids diagnosed with cancer a better chance at living the full life they deserve, please visit Rally Foundation & Rally Around the World or Text “RALLY” to 85944 to give $10 to WIN the fight against childhood cancer. Send this message to 10 of your friends…Be a RALLY 10 to WIN!

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