Anchorage, AK – Day 12




Wednesday, 8 August 2012 Anchorage, AK (0 miles) Total Trip Miles – 4723.  0 hour riding time

Weather – Warm temperatures in the mid 60’s with mostly cloudy skies

Today I put the final touches on crating the bike for shipment and had several discussions with Rindy Veatch at DHL to finalize the pick up time for the bike and air bill paperwork.  Rindy has been in contact with Wendy Choi in Korea, who will be handling my customs paperwork, and I hope to have all that completed prior to the bike shipment on Saturday.  Wendy Choi may be reached at AERO INTERNATIONAL, LTD at +82(0) 17-213-3961 or

During my stay here in Anchorage, Del Salyer at Alaska Scientific was gracious enough to allow me to stay these few days in his “bachelor’s pad” on the mezzanine level of his warehouse – quite a comfortable spot overlooking the many medical products he keeps in stock for the remote villages and towns across the entire state of Alaska.  The area is well-furnished with all the ammenities including a very comfortable recliner as a sitting & work area.

Accommodations include a fully-stocked kitchen area complete with refrigerator, microwave and everything you might find in your own home.  The bathroom is spacious and includes a sink, toilet and a unique bathing & showering system developed exclusively by Del; comes complete with 2 different size bowl depending on the amount of rinsing water required along with a spacious plastic tub to collect the water.  Friends now call me…Sponge Brad, Square Pants!

Honestly, the area is very quiet and comfortable providing me with some much needed rest and relaxation before I begin the next marathon leg of Rally Around the World across Korea, Russian and eastern & western Europe.

Anchorage offers excellent dining and lunch was no exception at Southside Restaurant with Del & Sharlane – I had the pasta in chipolte with andouille sausage & sundried peppers…pretty tasty. We continued our discussions on the state of healthcare reform and the possible impact on the Alaskan market along with new lab, products NDC has in the pipeline.

For dinner, Del & Kim invited me over to their home for grilled salmon, shrimp and vegetables along with black & brown rice and salmon sushi caught fresh in the Russian River by Kim’s cousin – believe I could have that sushi for breakfast!  Kim, Del’s wife, is a very petite, amazing and exciting woman to talk with and has had so many adventures including a bear scare while fishing for salmon in the area, crashing a Piper Cub airplane (says that one cost her quite a bit of money) and owning a Harley Davidson Dyna Glide that she bought new and has only ridden 9 miles after driving off the showroom floor – the bike is in pristine condition in one of her out buildings not being touched for 8 – 10 years….just terrific stories and a joy to be around.

If you would like to make a donation to give all kids diagnosed with cancer a better chance at living the full life they deserve, please visit Rally Foundation & Rally Around the World or Text “RALLY” to 85944 to give $10 to WIN the fight against childhood cancer. Send this message to 10 of your friends…Be a RALLY 10 to WIN!

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