Rally Around the World in Just 3 Days

Down to just 3 days before I head out on this 14,000 mile ride around the world supporting Rally Foundation and all the great things they do to fight childhood cancer.  The rally begins Friday evening, July 27 with a kick-off party at Cool Springs Powersports in Franklin from 7pm to 9:30pm with food, drinks, music and a good time.  On Saturday morning, July 28 the Rally Around the World First-leg Ride starts with registration from 9am – 10:30am at Cool Springs Powersports and the ride leaving for Mid-South Motoplex in Clarksville – about a 60 mile ride.  From there I’ll head out for my first stop in St. Louis staying with Paul & Lilly Telker with T-Plex Industries – an NDC vendor partner that has been so gracious in allowing me to stay the night in their home!

Natalie Martin continues to be a huge supporter of my event by most recently creating the sponsorship decals for the bike along with all my sponsorship embroidered patches for my riding jacket.  Melissa Smith jumped in this week and has been booking hotels along my route and providing me with up to the minute details  – she’s terrific at scheduling and managing any event and especially keeping me on task.

Received my shipping packet today from Motorcycle Express – these folks arranged the shipment of my bike from London to Montreal along with my bike insurance GREEN CARD for travels in Europe.  Also, the last 2 weeks I’ve been working closely with Wendy Choi in Seoul, Korea to arrange customs clearance for the bike arriving in Inchon along with scheduling the bike to be trucked from Inchon to Dong Hae where I’ll be catching a ferry up to Vladivostok, Russia.  Rindy Veatch with DHL in Anchorage did an amazing job working with Polar Air Cargo and scheduling the bike shipment from Anchorage to Inchon – just a lot of great people making this event possible!

If you would like to make a donation to give all kids diagnosed with cancer a better chance at living the full life they deserve, please visit Rally Foundation & Rally Around the World or Text “RALLY” to 85944 to give $10 to WIN the fight against childhood cancer. Send this message to 10 of your friends…Be a RALLY 10 to WIN!

Communications to Stay Connected – Bonjour

Droid Incredible 2 Mount

Wow…how technology has changed. Just installed the Cardo Scala Rider G4 Powerset that provides a wide range of connectivity via Bluetooth to include: up to 1 mile bike-to-bike intercom, driver-to-passenger intercom, make and receive phone calls via my cell phone, GPS connectivity and receive GPS voice navigation instructions, built in FM radio and MP3 player for stereo music. This will provide hands-free voice communications from virtually anywhere in the world!  If you would like to make a donation to give all kids diagnosed with cancer a better chance at living the full life they deserve, please visit Rally Foundation & Rally Around the World.

Rally Around the World…What’s this all about?

Rally Kids and I welcome your support for the inaugural Rally Around the World for Childhood Cancer Research, which will take place July – September 2012 as a solo, around-the-world motorcycle ride to support the Rally’s mission of empowering volunteers to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research.

Every school day, two classrooms of children, about 46, are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is the #1 disease killer of kids ages 0-15 in the US!  With your help, we expect to ride 25,000 miles and raise more than $250,000 to support the Rally Foundation in its quest to fund childhood cancer research projects…that’s why I’m driven to help these kids

In 2002, as a testicular cancer survivor and in celebration of my 10thanniversary of being cancer-free, I made a solo bicycle trek from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL covering 3,000 miles in 35 days raising money for the American Cancer Society.  

 Rally Around the World will mark my upcoming 20th anniversary of being cancer free. The struggles these children endure reach far beyond the personal challenges I faced when fighting cancer and will face on an around-the-world motorcycle ride.

Rally Around the World - 2012

QR Code to Rally Around the World

Great to be living in an age of unsurpassed technology that allows you to post messages & images from a smart phone from any point in the world…within seconds your post appears on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and the like…a crazy time for sure.  During my across the US bicycle ride in 2002, I would leave a message on voice mail each evening to my marketing mananger, who would in turn, update my website with the latest trip news – that now can all be managed by me!  Check out my QR code that links directly to my Rally Foundation website…

If you would like to make a donation to give all kids diagnosed with cancer a better chance at living the full life they deserve, please visit Rally Foundation & Rally Around the World.

Getting Ready to Rally…

With a little more than a couple hundred days to go before I hit the road, I’m already overwhelmed by the gracious corporate sponsorships Rally Around the World has secured. My trek across the globe is a journey to raise money for the Rally Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports childhood cancer research. Corporate sponsors are making this all possible, so we can make a big difference in the lives of children facing cancer.

So far, the following companies have already “rallied” and have my deepest appreciation.

Crosstex International

BR Surgical, LLC

Arkray USA




And of course, I’m grateful to my employer, National Distribution & Contracting, Inc., for the generosity of resources for this endeavor.

If you’d like to support Rally Around the World, drop me a line anytime. Thanks for following, reading and rallying!