Seoul, Korea Entry – some important details

Since I can’t quite figure out how to ride from Anchorage to Seoul, Korea, I will be flying and air freighting my cycle into Incheon Airport just outside of Seoul and Wendy Choi has been quite helpful providing customs and travel information – she will require that I provide my passport, international driver’s license, cycle registration and shipping air bill to clear customs and book my DBS Ferry trip from Dong Hae to Vladivostok.  The ferry only travels on Sunday’s and I plan to board on August 12 – keep in mind that time of year is holiday and many Russians take the trip south to Dong Hae and the beach resorts on the eastern coast of Korea…a must to book early!!

The DBS Ferry will cost approximately $600 USD for the cycle, $250 USD for me and $20 USD for other charges totaling about $870 USD – this is a 24-hour trip and the cheapest accommodations is 72 persons in a room!! – not sure that is for me!!  Contact Wendy Choi – or +82(0) 17-213-3961

She will also be booking my short ferry ride from Incheon Airport to the City of Incheon – it is illegal to ride a motorcyle on Korean freeways and the only access from the airport to the mainland is by freeway.  I will then be riding secondary roads from the west coast of Korea east to Dong Hae which should take 5 – 6 hours – the dry cleaner I use here in Spring Hill is Korean-owned and she thinks I’m a bit crazy…she laughed the other day to say the roads are not quite like they are here in the US.

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