VISA Update – Russia & Belarus

Update – Since there were some issues obtaining a VISA via Poland & HTL-Strefa, Jarek Moleda recommended I use Cinderella Travel Corporation out of New York.  The contact there is Marina at 718-275-8434 or and she is quite helpful…I can apply for my Russian VISA 90-days prior to entry and should receive within 2-weeks after completing the application, supplying passport photos and my passport. 

Also, after discussing in more detail with Jarek and Piotr Mlodecki – HTL’s director of business development, I have decided to skip Belarus and run northwest out of Moscow and meet Piotr at the Russian/Latvia border crossing – he plans to ride with me to Berlin…gonna be great having a “local” along for this leg!!  Jarek and Piotr have been terrific with their assistance to include providing me with road contacts in that part of the world.

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