Dong Hae, South Korea – Day 19




Wednesday, 15 August 2012   Dong Hae, South Korea (0 miles) Total Trip Miles – 4723. 0 hour riding time.

Weather  Temps in the med 80’s with mostly cloudy skies and humid

First night in Dong Hae and got the best night of sleep since leaving home a couple of weeks ago.  Up about 5:30am and started my laundry in the sink…starting to get pretty good with this handwashing thing….I am getting accustomed all the basic things we often take for granted – sponge baths, hand laundering, limited electronic communications.  I have to beleive there are a many of you out there that have never gone a week, let alone a day, having to do these things – it just takes me back to those days in Alaska when times were tough!

After looking on the net, I located the DBS Ferry site and found out that their offices were south of the city a couple of miles at the Dong Hae port.  I decided to set out in that direction to find the spot…it was quite hot & humid and I got a bit warm, but a great walk along the shore.  Now that I’ve found the ferry port, it will make things easier when I head back that way again to uncrate and reassemble the bike.

Today is a national holiday in Korea similar to our 4th of July, so there was little traffic on the streets and many of the stores were closed.  Many of the people here were flying their Korean flags from apartment building windows, homes & and businesses.

My room at the Hotel Lisa is comfortable and clean; however it took me some time to figure out the TV, air conditoner and lighting – everything is operated from a remote control and being its in Korean characters it took a few attempts…have one english speaking channel which plays movies and TV shows like CSI – Miami & House.  Never watch these show at home, but, hey, I just leave it on for background noise and my only connection with the US at the moment.

As part of my expanding global, cultural immersion program, I found a small local restaurant near the hotel for dinner and I, of course, just jumped right in…it was an experience to say the very least and I will give you all the details in my next blog update with pictures.

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