Kharbarovsk, Russia to Skovorodino, Russia – Day 28




Thursday, 24 August 2012 Khabarovsk, Russia to Skovorodino, Russia (631 miles) Total Trip Miles – 5850. 11 hours riding

Weather Temperature in the mid 70’s with mostly sunny skies

For breakfast I had Siberian dumplings and coffee in a large room with other guests – many of which were military or other uniformed, government workers. The hotel had a look and feel of a government dormatory hotel…while quite nice rooms, the halls and other common areas just did not quite have the hotel feel. I also found it quite odd to be sharing a room for breakfast with Russian officers and enlisted people…how times have changed in my lifetime to allow me that opportunity and given my dad was a career military officer.

Off about 8am and ended up gaining an hour in my day heading west. Initially had intended on an extra days travel to Chita due to road conditions, however made good time and was able to reduce
it to just 2 days.

Out of the entire day, there were about 25 miles of rough unpaved, road under repair or construction – it was extremely difficult managing the bike in many spots with deep loose gravel.

This was going to be my first day camping on this trip and, of course, it was in the heart of Russia. I had some apprehensions on just pulling off on the roadside and pitching my tent…not sure about safety and even laws that might prohibit.

After having plenty of time to ponder it – you know, like 10+ hours on the bike, I decided I needed a good cell phone signal first and then I’d search for the perfect spot hidden from view of the roadway. Looked at a couple of spots that just didn’t work for out for various reasons and decided on a spot with a small road like four wheelers might use…the site over looked a beautiful meadow and was wooded – perfect cover. Even though I had insect repellent, the mosquitoes just about carried me off!

For dinner I heated some water with a fire stick and added to a mac & cheese camp meal…it just didn’t quite have the typical taste, but I managed to eat most of it.

Kind of crazy to be chatting with Shanon and also taking a call from Chuck at 2:30 am on his way back from Atlanta while lying on my sleeping bag in Siberia of all places …people used to get sent to Siberia – are you kidding me!

Had some light rain with thunder & lightning overnight but I managed to sleep pretty well…maybe it was the constant sound of passing trains throughout the night – clickity clack.

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