London, England – Day 43




Saturday, 8 September, 2012  London, England (0 miles) Total Trip Miles – 13,092. 0 hrs hours riding

Weather Temperature mostly sunny in the lower 70’s…a perfect day to visit London

A non-riding day for me and a chance to recharge after a few weeks on the road. One of the servers at the hotel restaurant recommended that I take the 30 minute express train ride to London & tour the city especially since the weather was so unusually terrific…just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

From the hotel I took a short bus ride to the airport to board the train…the ride was comfortable and pulled into the London Victoria Station where I scouted the tour bus companies. Settled on the Big Bus Tour Company which visited all the well-known spots and you could get on/get off anywhere along the route…a double decker bus that was open air on top. My bus had a live tour guide which made the tour much more enjoyable. Made stops at Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, London Tower and many others.

The cleanliness of the city was striking and the city’s history remarkable…ended up having a pint of Stella at a local pub and have found most servers are from other countries with a specific desire to learn English – they are from India, Germany, Spain, Italy, Latvia and other countries from around the world.

Since returning to civilization, I felt it was about time to get a haircut and my server recommended a spot nearby…the shop was owned by a Korean who had been in London for 20 years…just had to clean up a bit before rolling back into Nashville next week!

Decided to catch the train home before dark and get some more rest before making the final leg ride next week home.

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