VISA Update – Russia & Belarus

Update – Since there were some issues obtaining a VISA via Poland & HTL-Strefa, Jarek Moleda recommended I use Cinderella Travel Corporation out of New York.  The contact there is Marina at 718-275-8434 or and she is quite helpful…I can apply for my Russian VISA 90-days prior to entry and should receive within 2-weeks after completing the application, supplying passport photos and my passport. 

Also, after discussing in more detail with Jarek and Piotr Mlodecki – HTL’s director of business development, I have decided to skip Belarus and run northwest out of Moscow and meet Piotr at the Russian/Latvia border crossing – he plans to ride with me to Berlin…gonna be great having a “local” along for this leg!!  Jarek and Piotr have been terrific with their assistance to include providing me with road contacts in that part of the world.

VISA’s for Russia & Belarus…Avoid the Eternal Delay

Of all the countries I’ll be traveling through this fall, only 2 will require a VISA. After some research, I had planned to apply at both the Russian and Belarusian embassies in Washington…have to believe that would have taken weeks if not months. However, Jarek Moleda with HTL-Strefa – a Polish global manufacturer of lancets and a vendor partner of NDC – offered his assistance since they have distributors in both Belarus and Russia requiring travel to both. HTL uses an agency to complete the application process and I’m only required to complete the application forms and provide passport photos. Jarek has also been quite helpful with providing me with contacts in Russia, Belarus and Poland – will be much appreciated if I should encounter any issues in those countries.

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